Titles Guide

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Titles Guide

Post by dranga on Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:23 pm

This is just a little helpful guide on how to get a title for new, and old players, who had not known the numbers for titles

Type ;;title and the number down below for the certain title of your choice.

Title 1: Junior Cadet.
Title 2: Sergeant.
Title 3: Commander.
Title 4: War-Chief.

Title 5: Sir.
Title 6: Lord.
Title 7: Duderino.
Title 8: Lionheart.
Title 9: Hellraiser.
Title 10: Crusader.
Title 11: Desperado.
Title 12: Baron.
Title 13: Count.
Title 14: Overlord.
Title 15: Bandito.
Title 16: Duke.
Title 17: King.
Title 18: Big Cheese.
Title 19: Bigwig.
Title 20: Wunderkind.

Title 21: Vyreling.
Title 22: Vyre Grunt.
Title 23: Vyrewatch.
Title 24: Vyrelord.
Title 26: Emperor.
Title 27: Prince.
Title 28: Witch King.
Title 29: Archon.
Title 30: Justiciar.

If I missed any let me know and I'll add them in.

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